Vulderic Ltd.

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Episode 5: Vulderic is officially an LLC!

Site is being updated, we are on Spotify, and how I filed to make Vulderic Ltd. a reality!

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Episode 4: Honing Skills for an Easier Experience – Process Mapping!

Hey, Hey! Vulderic is getting legit!!! Finally did the purchasing required to get WWW.VULDERIC.COM up and running! Man, life is feeling pretty sweet this evening! Also; I am a day later than planned with this blog as I attended the…

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Episode 3: Wining, Dining, & Consulting – A Day of Sealing the Deal!

Today I gained another client! This is some fabulous news, and I want to share how it went down! Hope this inspires somebody to go for their dreams!

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Episode 2: Tuesdays are for Skills on Skills! This Week – “How I Market Myself”

Hope everyone is doing super fantastic, and always feel free to hit me up via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and of course here on WordPress! As stated in Last Friday’s Blog, Tuesdays are for talking SKILLS! Since this is the first…

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Episode 1: The Beginning Introduction, The Start-Up, & My Own Venture

Replacing business with friendship, and trading hand-shakes for high-fives

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