Episode 5: Vulderic is officially an LLC!

We fucking did it! (Royal “We”, haha!)

Vulderic is now Vulderic Ltd.

Vulderic has transformed into a beautiful LLC(Limited Liability Company), and will now also be known as “Vulderic Ltd.“! I am legit so excited for what this could become in the near future!  Vulderic is going to be getting into everything, so, “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!”

Side Note: Figured out how to get a link for Spotify at the top of my page, and would love for some feed back on my playlists. Adding stuff every week, and trying to bring you the sickest and illest of beats! Click the icon at the top, or click any one of the links in this paragraph.

Now back to it . . . . . . . .

Filed to be an LLC with the U.S. federal government and the state of Colorado over the weekend, and received my authorized paperwork today! Here is how I did it:

  1. Filed online with a company known as IncFile at IncFile.com. They are not paying me to say this, but I wanted to let everyone know that it made my life HELLA easy. I didn’t set foot in a single office, they filed all my paperwork, and they have given me a “free” agent for the next year that I can call for questions & such.
  2. Paid them a chunk of $170.00 to file said paperwork. The filing is actually super cheap if you do it yourself, but then you also get to wait in lines and drive places. I didn’t have to talk to a single person, and I have one I can call when taxes come about. So I paid for the “free” agent, lol.
  3. Even though I am registered with the state and feds, I still have yet to register with the city. The details are coming below . . . . . . . .

NOTE: In order to be registered as an LLC with the Federal Government, the business MUST have an actual address. I happen to have lucked out, and that comes up next!

Vulderic Ltd. has an office in Loveland, CO!!!!!!

(Will update as I file with them.)

Okay; so it is really just a weekend address that I will be using for an office, but IT IS IN DOWNTOWN LOVELAND! I will be adding the info to the “Contact” page with an image as soon as I move in this coming weekend. It is more than I could have hoped for, and is above a dope brass sculpting studio. I must give special thanks to the owners of “Smokey’s 420 House”, “North Fort Liquor”, and “Worm Love” as they have been gracious enough to allow me to join them as I start up <3 You may notice near the top of the page is a tab titled “Experiments & Projects“.  Both “Worm Love” and “North Fort Liquor” are listed under said tab, and I will be updating those pages as the ventures evolve.

There is another project in the works. A secret project for the time being, though negotiations as Vulderic Ltd. are beginning. One day it will be revealed to the world, come success or failure, and hopefully soon.  All I can say for now is that it is with a company that would put Vulderic on the map . . . . . . . . . all I can say.

For the man behind Vulderic, life is pretty good too. Currently bouncing from family to friend as a permanent living situation is yet to be discovered, and super thankful for all the support from everyone as this adventure continues and grows. So much more coming. So. Much. More! (Keep updated easily on Facebook & Instagram, YO!)

Keep kicking it, check out my Spotify & judge me, and get in touch! Maybe we can make some dreams into realities if we work together! <3

Much Love,

Caleb Wilczynski


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