Episode 4: Honing Skills for an Easier Experience – Process Mapping!

Hey, Hey!

Vulderic is getting legit!!! Finally did the purchasing required to get WWW.VULDERIC.COM up and running! Man, life is feeling pretty sweet this evening!

Also; I am a day later than planned with this blog as I attended the birthday of a family member, and then I attended Denver Comic Con 2017 the next day! Got some awesome pictures and swag from the convention, and that can be seen on the Instagram and Facebook pages. So I apologize for the tardiness, but it was for some pretty great reasons. <3

Process Mapping & Automating For Ease

As Vulderic is beginning to pick up more clients, it is time to begin mapping repetitive processes. This also includes listing the variations, and what those paths lead to. I will be putting up a few examples of process maps in the future, and for now I will be describing how I will be going about it.

As I am helping businesses create media presence through online social platforms, it is best that I know how to properly setup the various sites and what their requirements are. This also means that I will be having to familiarize myself with many sites, and some I have yet to even consider. Just this week I was asked about “Yelp”, which I completely forgot was a thing! So there is just one example of a site that I must master in order to make myself more valuable.

In making Process Maps for the various items I will be creating, and other tasks that must be done in order to reach success, I like to think of it as “Automating” myself. With most automation, done with robots, it is to decrease/minimize risk & errors. This is the same reason I choose to map my tasks, as I wish for them to be error free. One could think of them as “Road-maps to Success”.

So for the next week the creation of Process Maps will be top priority for Vulderic, along with developing some more Photoshop and design skills. So much more to come!

Keeping this one short with so much going on over the holiday weekend/week, but I plan to have plenty of news soon! So much good news!

Love You All,


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