Episode 3: Wining, Dining, & Consulting – A Day of Sealing the Deal!

Hey Everyone!

Apologies for not blogging in almost a week, but the schedule is slowly changing thanks to the hustle! Below you will see the NEW schedule for posts from Vulderic.

New Schedule!

  • Tuesdays: What’s happening in Networking & the Start-Ups.
  • Thursdays: What skills I am using, and how I am using them.
  • Saturdays: Weekly recap, and what the week ahead is looking like. Reflecting, and such.

As it is Tuesday where I am, let us dig in to how it is going!

The Experiment that is Vulderic Continues!

What we do here at Vulderic

Vulderic is me, and I am Vulderic. Vulderic is a “one-man-band” that consults on establishing a social media presence. When asked what I do, I reply with, “Entrepreneurial Networking & Social Media Production”. I then explain with:

I create and set up social media sites for small businesses, individuals, or for anyone wanting to get their name out there.
I then connect said sites in such a way that it makes posting & pushing easy between the various sites.
I then monitor posting to and from the various sites for a time, recording and observing trends.
I continue to monitor and begin establishing guidelines for posting.
With the guidelines created, I then create a manual on how to easily post and sustain attention.
Eventually I turn over all services and manuals to the company, move on, and come back whenever consulting is needed.

The intricacies of the above format depend mostly on what the customer wishes to have. Some require stores & e-commerce, others just want a place to post deals, and the process adjusts accordingly.

Which brings us to the great news . . . . . . .

Vulderic has gained a new client!

This is opening new doors for networking, opportunities to join new ventures, and allowing Vulderic to fully take off! So now that makes 3 total projects currently going!

We have:

  • Vulderic (Personal Project) (Continuous/Indefinite)
  • Client 1 (Partner in Start-Up Project) (1-2+ Years)
  • Client 2 (Consultant Project) (2-3 Months)

Hopefully there will be a few more on the above list soon, but for now these are giving great experience!

How did this happen?! Well let me tell ya!


Some of the course as I walked to the luncheon.

So today I was invited out to lunch to meet with Client-2, which I later learned includes 2+ partners in a joint investment. We met up at a golf course in Loveland, CO to eat and discuss business, and also have a few beers throughout it all! (I had 2 chocolate porters by some local CO brewery. Delicious.)  I then proceeded to ask questions as to what it is they wish to achieve. After hearing their thoughts, I then gave a similar speech to the one above that describes what Vulderic does. I did all of this while eating what is known as the “Colorado Cubano”, which was one tasty sandwich! Once we were finished eating and discussing the possibility of working together, we enjoyed another round of beers and they both were very happy with what I could provide and the pricing I estimated for them. I will be sending them the necessary paperwork over the next few days, celebrating the 4th of July with them as we seal the final deal, and will begin soon after. They both, the two I had lunch with, are very well connected with other small businesses. This could lead to some very neat stuff in the future, and I am just going with flow!

I also got a free lunch out of the deal! Saweeet!

What all of this means for Vulderic

Since things are now beginning to accelerate, I will begin creating documents of operations for myself. These will serve as guidelines and my personal documents which make the job easier and more efficient

A filing system will also be created to keep better track of each project, and the individual tasks necessary for each one to be successful.

The biggest item on the table is the discussion of using an office in downtown Loveland, CO. If things go well, as I foresee them going, then hopefully soon Vulderic will have a much more permanent location!

As always, thank you for chilling and checking out my stuff! Vulderic is constantly under construction, as a huge focus of the company is continuous improvement. In the coming weeks/month this site will be changing, and you will be updated as it all progresses. If you are reading this then you are at ground zero, and are here to hear it first!

Look forward to Thursday when I plan on talking more about Adobe’s InDesign, Illustrator, and getting more familiar with WordPress.

Check me out at these convenient locations, with more coming soon!

All the Love,

Caleb Wilczynski

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