Episode 2: Tuesdays are for Skills on Skills! This Week – “How I Market Myself”

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As stated in Last Friday’s Blog, Tuesdays are for talking SKILLS! Since this is the first Tuesday blog-post, I would like to introduce what skills I have been fully utilizing in putting myself out into the job market.  Let’s dig right in!

Social Media

A lot of what I have been doing is connecting in through social media outlets. Here is my current list of social media for myself/Vulderic:

Playstation Network
((I will provide links next week some time as some of these are still under construction.))

Then on top of my own pages that I monitor, I also monitor the Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for a coming Start-Up company. While I do not currently get much in terms of compensation from my current Start-Up that I am working with; it has allowed me to begin networking with many other people and established companies. Hopefully this will mean more business!

The HARDEST part for me in all of this is connecting emails, accounts, and what I call “push-streams” between the various forms of social media. (I define a “push-stream” in social media as the flow a post makes as it passes from one media to the next, with little involvement from The User.) It definitely is possible to connect everything, but it takes time and a little thinking to smooth everything out.

Media Creation

One must have the various causeways established within social media in order to catch the public eye, but the most important aspect is having something interesting to talk about and/or look at. This is where various software comes into play. My current list of software is:

(If one wants more details on the intricacies of some of these tools, then please give me a shout-out!)

The software tools listed above take up just one aspect of what I am trying to accomplish, but are currently my main tools for creation. Currently I am using these tools to create drafts of logos and labels, and also editing footage for my beginner Youtube channel.

What can one do with such skills?

Market yourself, and eventually others!  Currently, at least in America, we are in a phase where those who may not be tech savvy have a decent majority of the money and power (the older gens). With this in mind; it is completely possible for those with a little bit of tech knowledge and initiative to begin amassing their own wealth. Please note that when I say, “a little bit of tech knowledge”, that I definitely do not mean programming/coding or anything that intense. In this particular case this could mean some skill in social media, the Google suite, Microsoft suite, or almost anything! If you do know how to code though, then you seriously have a leg up on almost anyone currently making money. In either case, one definitely has the opportunity to do a whole lot with very little.

Thanks for tuning in this today, and looking forward to another post on Friday! Tuesdays are for skills, and Fridays are for stories. Hoping to have some good ones this week! If you wish to know any more about anything I talk about, please feel free to hit me up on Twitter! (Or Anywhere<3)

With Love,
Caleb Wilczynski

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  1. Blahhh I need to figure out push stream! My blog posts push stream but my instagram doesn’t go to everything. And pinterest is so hard to set up!!

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