Episode 1: The Beginning Introduction, The Start-Up, & My Own Venture

First I should probably get the basics out of the way:

My name is Caleb Wilczynski, and I recently graduated from Missouri University of Science & Technology(MS&T).
“Vulderic” began as a simple character name on the Playstation Network, and has evolved into an idea.
I earned a degree in Engineering Management with Emphasis in Mechanical Engineering, became a certified “Green Belt” in 6σ by the American Society for Quality(ASQ), earned a certificate in Technical Communications, and also earned a minor in Russian language and culture.
I moved to Westminster, Colorado just 2 weeks ago!
I am currently interviewing for positions, working with a start-up company, beginning the creation of my own company, and getting out into the world!

Purpose of this blog:

I want to keep people informed and updated about all the ups & downs of starting one’s own business, and working on/with start-up companies. To give people a view of the front-lines of entrepreneurial business ventures, and show that it is possible to change the world through networking.

And with all that, I now give you the first blog . . . . . .

The Start-Up

I have joined a team of 3 in the creation of a start-up! I sadly cannot give a whole lot of details at this time as patents and trademarks are still being filed, but i definitely can tell you it is centered around the green-movement in the United States! It also involves composting and recycling various waste that currently is not being salvaged! Even though I cannot say much about the company and project at this time, you can view various aspects of my job through photos I post to Instagram. I personally think the views where I work are AMAZING, and I feel I am seeing some very interesting stuff throughout my days.

For the start-up I am/will be setting up and monitoring the initial social media launch across various , creating prototype logo/emblem designs, in charge of packaging, and will be conducting quality control of the product from creation to completion. For me this is a super exciting development in my career as I am essential doing what I went to school for, which was definitely the goal of the degree. It may not be the most glamorous or high-paying, but I enjoy it and believe it is a company with the core purpose of helping the planet Earth. More to come on this topic as we begin to grow, with plans of a release in about 6 weeks!

My Own Venture

Vulderic” is the start of something for me. In the next few months, once I have a more permanent residence, I will quickly and efficiently be creating my company. It will revolve around social media, networking, and start-ups. I hope to be getting in to everything, and have already hopefully been making the right connections. Business cards to come in the future, and hope to be involving all kinds of people!

The current goals for my company are to get everything organized and ready for launch, and to provide services to the start-ups I am currently working with and talking to. Next week I hope to reveal more, and one can follow the “Social media” links at under the title of my page to my other media platforms!


I know this is currently not a whole lot to go off of, but I encourage you to stay tuned in as I work out the kinks. I will be releasing 2-Blogs per week where I will be discussing my efforts and progress. Currently it is looking like these “Episodes” will be coming out on Tuesdays and Fridays! Tuesdays I will be highlighting the various training in skills I am going through, while Fridays will be more focused on the ventures and networking involved. This first one was light, so be prepared for a long and thorough read come next week!

Thanks for chilling and reading this, and have a good weekend! <3

With Love,
Caleb Wilczynski

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