Vulderic Ltd. was created to give small businesses and entrepreneurs the tools to develop and market their products and services easily.

We help businesses with product development by offering computer-aided design (C.A.D.) and 3D-printing services. This is how we bring our clients’ ideas into reality.

We help businesses market to their audience by offering website & social media creation, online marketing automation, and search engine optimization (S.E.O.) analytics. This is how we get our clients’ ideas seen and heard.

We also offer photography, image & video editing, graphic design, document creation, and process improvement consulting as supportive services. This is how we can support our clients no matter what stage of business they are in.

Along with offering services, Vulderic Ltd. also offers 3D-printed products and designs for sale. These products range a broad spectrum of consumer needs, such as: musical artist idols, cosplay gear, pop culture replicas, video game replicas, religious symbols, vehicle accessories, phone accessories, motorcycle accessories, camera mounts and accessories, and more.

More will be coming for Vulderic Ltd., so be sure to keep up with us!

Caleb Wilczynski